Layka is an extremely intelligent, resourceful, mild
mannered girl with a sweet disposition. She is a very
agile and powerful female. Layka is an outstanding
mother to her pups.
Layka is quietly watchful and maternally protective of
her human and animal family. Layka is usually the
first to silently alert to a potential danger.  Although
very obedient,  Layka will disobey in order to avoid
danger that her family may not be aware of. She has
the complex intelligence required of Guide Dogs.  

Layka passes her keen intellect and intuition to her

The combination of our Dutch and Layka have created
unsurpassed family companions and guardians. Layka
is now retired from breeding but still enjoys teaching
young pups the ropes.
Layka far exceeded our expectations and with our
Dutch produced some of the absolute best family
dogs anyone could have hoped for. We may breed
back to some of our Dutch x Layka progeny in the
next year or two. Stay Tuned....
Ruby is a very fast, agile female with an
independent personality. She loves interactive  
games and is highly intelligent. Ruby is protective
of her people and animal family but has no issues
meeting new, non aggressive, people.

Ruby is a healthy and happy girl who is easily
handled by all of our family, including children
and is a fun family companion. She has an
abundance of energy on tap but settles quickly
and is very appropriate inside and outside of the
house.  She loves car rides and is very social and
trustworthy in public.      

Ruby's puppies are usually very strong/vigorous at
birth and grow up to be magnificent compainions
with potential to excel in any training discipline.
Adelin a.k.a. Indi is our new rising star from Czech
T.A.R.T. and ZVV working bloodlines.  Her parents
many specialized working titles show the versatility
and very high intelligence of her ancestors.

Indi is a very refined, very intelligent girl. She is
naturally obedient and very protective of her
family. Indi is very quiet and restful in the house
but loves to run when outside. She has the
athleticism and prowess of a panther.  

Indi is at her happiest when she is involved with
our children or being affectionate with any member
of her family.

Indi is simply the pinnacle of German Shepherd
breeding, she simply has it all without any negative
Adelin aites Bohemia black FCI registered Czech import German Shepherd from extreme TART, OPT, ZVV Working bloodlines.
EuroHund German Shepherd Aura showing her powerful body and attentiveness.
Aura is a large girl who is both serious and fun
loving. She is very loyal and absolutely fearless.
Her father is from the very successful Favory
Cross S Litter.
Her bloodlines match our Dutch's very nicely
and their first litter has produced a beautiful
combination of traits.

Aura is very affectionate to her family and
friends, including other animals.

Her baseline energy level is moderate which she
can switch to super high or very low as her
environment and family dictate. Aura is fearless
when she feels the need to challenge or
investigate a potential threat without panic and
unwarranted aggression. She is a confident girl.

Dutch x Aura puppies have very high potential
to succeed in any training discipline.

Aura is owned and lives with friends of ours
from the Czech Republic now living in southern
New Hampshire. Dutch and Aura's  puppies are
very hardy, vigorous, healthy, mentally stable
and incredibly intelligent.