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Obedience training opens up proper lines of
communication with your dog.
This allows
greater freedom, safety and many
problems to be solved.

Northeast Dog Training offers the following:

Basic Obedience
  • Sit
  • Sit and Stay with light distractions
  • Heel, walking on a loose leash
  • Heel with automatic sit upon stopping
  • Come when called
  • Down
  • Down and Stay with light distractions
  • Place or "go to your spot/bed"
  • Kennel up or get into your crate

Advanced Off Leash Training (Basic is a
  • Heel
  • Come when called
  • Down at distance
  • Down down in motion
  • Stay at distance
  • All of the above under moderate to heavy

Problem Solving to include:
  • Housebreaking assistance
  • excessive barking
  • begging
  • pulling
  • unwarranted aggression
  • any other undesirable behaviors

Training can take place at your home, an agreed
upon park or your dog can come and stay with
us for one to six weeks. Advanced training and
problem solving may include "field trips" to
various places to work your dog in different
situations. If your dog stays with us, you will
receive instruction on how to continue with
maintenance training.
Since 1996
Professional Training and Problem Solving