EuroHund German Shepherd Dutch sitting for 9 year old Sophia.
EuroHund German Shepherd Dutch showing his beautiful dark red sable coloring and everready outlook.
Dutch zur Bindenburg
Dutch is a large (90lb), athletic, intelligent,  responsive German Shepherd.  He is an extremely devoted, level
headed, family companion and protector.
His pedigree is filled with legendary world champion Schutzhund dogs from West Germany, East Germany (DDR)
and other European countries.  Literally the "cream of the crop".  This bloodline has been very carefully line-bred
and outcrossed to produce healthy, courageous, loyal German Shepherds with unsurpassed trainability and sound
temperaments. Dutch is the type of German Shepherd I could only dream of having as a young man.

As for family life, Dutch is one of the finest German Shepherds we have had the pleasure to share our lives with. He
loves our children and their friends. He is always alert as to the whereabouts of the children. Dutch is a lively,
spirited friend and loves to play ball. When not interacting with the family, Dutch is usually quietly occupying one of
his favorite spots in the house. He is easily handled by our children, as pictured above. Dutch enjoys visits to the
river, parks and downtown shopping areas.

Dutch puppies exhibit many of his traits and do very well in both working and companion homes.