Puppies bred by EuroHund are raised by our family, in our home and are well adjusted and socialized daily.

EuroHund German Shepherds are from sound, healthy, well known, documented lineage filled with many highly accomplished

EuroHund German Shepherds are extremely versatile with a very high degree of trainability.

EuroHund German Shepherd puppies make loyal, fun, protective and intelligent family members.     

In addition to their role as faithful, fun companions, our puppies have the genetic predisposition to be successful at many types
of activities from true working dogs such as Search & Rescue, Police K-9, Family Protection, Livestock Guardians, Therapy
Dogs, Service Dogs, PTSD Dogs, etc. to dog sports like Schutzhund, French Ring, AKC Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Flyball

All of our puppies are up to date on vaccinations, have been examined by a licensed Veterinarian and have a current Health
EuroHund puppies currently reside in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, Virginia,
Washington and Oregon.  

Personal delivery is available throughout New England and surrounding states at an additional, reasonable cost.     

You must complete our QUESTIONNAIRE and if a suitable puppy is available, our sales contract.  Please do not send any
payments until we have spoken and completed a sales contract.  Our
Contract can be sent via e-mail, fax or U.S. Mail or
printed through the link above.

We accept Bank Checks, Postal Money Orders, Western Union, Cash. Credit/Debit Card payments are accepted through
PayPal with the
transaction fee added to the balance of the purchase price. We have also accepted Zelle in the past.
Our next litter will be Dutch X Aura puppies will be ready to go home
Call 1-781-727-1944 or email
john@eurohund.com for more information.
EuroHund's Cara, a large black and tan adult German Shepherd living in Massachusetts. Taking a rest with what is left of her toy.
Dutch x Layka Daugher
EuroHund's Cujo, a large black and red German Shepherd male laying down looking intensely at something off camera.
Dutch x Layka Son
Balck and Tan EuroHund German Shepherd puppy in the grass displaying a pointing posture.
Three EuroHund German Shepherd puppies. Two Sable colored centered by a black and tan running up a grassy hill.
Black and Tan EuroHund German Shepherd puppy jumping happily in the grass.
A beautiful plush coat sable EuroHund German Shepherd puppy running in the grass with ahappy face looking left to the camera.
Plush coat sable colored EuroHund German Shepherd laying in the grass, looking at the camera with a serious expression.
Dutch x Layka Puppies
EuroHund's Hugo, a 4 month old sable German Shepherd during training with his teenaged master. Laying down to the left of standing boy. Both looking at each other joyously.
EuroHund's Hugo, a 4 month old sable German Shepherd Puppy laying down to the left of a teenaged boy during training. Both looking at the camera with serious expressions.
Dutch x Aura Son