Kennel Von Erz Hugel
Below are some questions we feel are important to know before
we place a puppy or an adult dog in a new home. Energy levels,
personalities and temperaments can vary from litter to litter and
even within the same litter. After many years experience we have
developed a very successful system of placing puppies and dogs
in homes that are appropriate for both the pup/dog and the new
family. There is not one question that will necessarily disqualify a
new owner. We ask for
honesty and in return we will help you
choose a pup to suit your lifestyle. If you are not comfortable
submitting some information, we can speak, text or email to obtain
whatever information you choose not to give through this form.
Your information will not be shared with any other parties.
Street Address
State and Zip Code
Phone Numbers:
Who are the people the dog will
live with or have regular contact
Please list names and ages.
Any allergies to dogs among
people that will have regular
contact with the dog?
Have all family members agreed
to bring a new dog/puppy home?
Please list other pets in your home,
including names, ages, species,
breed and how they will get along
with a new dog/puppy in their home.
Do you intend to add any other
pets or animals to your family?  
As an adult, have you owned a
dog or dogs?  If yes, what breeds?
Have you ever surrendered a pet?
If yes, for what reasons?
What activities do you intend to
include your new dog in?
How much time on a daily/weekly
basis can you commit to your new
Will there be days, on a regular
basis, when your new dog will be
left alone for more than 4 hours?
Please describe your home,
including aproximate size, land
area, rent or own.
Are there any restrictions
regarding German Shepherds with
your insurance companies?
Homeowners/Condo associations?
City/Town? Any other?
Do you have a fenced area available
for your new dog?  If yes describe
fence material, height, any gaps?
How will you exercise your dog?
Please list your veterinarian
including address and phone.
What food will you feed your puppy?
Are you open to either male or
Do you have a color preference?
Do you have experience training
Please describe any experience.
Who will train your dog?  
Do you intend to compete in a sport
or engage in a job involving your
Will your dog be a service or assistance
dog?  If yes, please describe type of
service/assistance and planned training.
Please add any additional
information you would like us to know
How did you find EuroHund or
were you referred by someone?