Trained Dogs

EuroHund offers trained German Shepherds ranging in age from 8
months to 5 years old. Our trained dogs are imported to the United
States and understand commands in one of the following
languages: French, German or Czech.  If desired, English can also
be added to some or all commands.

A trained dog arrives ready to accept command and direction from
you after a variable acclimatization period.  In many cases they are
fully prepared to deter and defend against any threat to you and
your loved ones while still being a happy, fun, playful companion.

EuroHund guarantees the health of our trained dogs until the dog
reaches three years old or if older than two, for 12 months following

Our dogs have filled the following roles in their new homes:

Personal and Family Companions
Family Protection
Personal Protection
Crime Deterrent              
Victims of Violent Crime Dogs
Therapy Dogs (including PTSD)
Assistance Dogs  
Service Dogs (ADA Definition)
Please note that our use of the phrase "working service dog" is
used by us to differentiate a dog that actually does a job or provides
a service " as opposed to a dog that competes in "working sport"
competitions. Often times a dog that is successful in one venue
could be disastrous in the other. It is not used to imply we are
referring to the ADA definition of "Service Dog". We have imported
dogs specifically for the ADA definition of Service Dog and Therapy
Dog. Those dogs successfully completed their specialized training
and are serving their owners and the public.

Please call 603-991-3196 or email aegis for more
information on obtaining a trained dog.

Daff is a 5 year old strong male with incredible structure.
He has good social behavior. He is suitable for family/personal protection and is an approved stud
dog in Europe. He is titled ZVV1, Velmy Dobry, Breed Surveyed: Recommended for Breeding. Hips
and Elbows are good. Daff is a Henrik Von Wolfsheim son and a half sister of our Miska. He is an
incredible male.
Britt is a strong, solid 2.5 year old sable female, very good social behaviors. She has acheived her BH and is
ready for her IPG1. IPG1 can be completed in Europe. HD(Hips): A  ED(Elbows): 0/0. DM:N/P Spondy: Free
Britt is suitable for personal/family protection and sport.
There are also other males available for Police Service.