Trained Dogs For Sale
EuroHund offers trained German Shepherds ranging in age from 8 months to 5 years old. Our trained
dogs are imported to the United States and understand commands in one of the following languages:
French, German or Czech.  If desired, English can also be added to some or all commands.

A trained dog arrives ready to accept command and direction from you.  In many cases they are fully
prepared to deter and defend against any threat to you and your loved ones while still being a happy,
fun, playful companion.

Training ranges from basic obedience through advanced off-leash obedience.  Some may have
various levels of protection or other specialized training.  Training can also be customized to fit your
specific desires or requirements.  

EuroHund guarantees the health of our trained dogs until the dog reaches three years old or if older
than two, for 12 months following purchase.

Our dogs have filled the following roles in their new homes:

Personal and Family Companions
Family Protection
Personal Protection
Crime Deterrent              
Victims of Violent Crime Dogs
Therapy Dogs (including PTSD)
Assistance Dogs for Disabled Persons

Please call 603-991-3196 or email for more information on obtaining a trained
Adele, a highly trained sable female German Shepherd laying on a pillow at her owners home.
Current Working Service Dog
Rocco, a large, very serious looking adult sable German Shepherd protection dog.
Family Companion/Protector
Blacky, a large madult male bi-color German Shepherd tilting his head while looking at the camera. Blacky was a  very serious protection dog. In this picture, I am meeting him for the first time.
IPO/Family Dog